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Tandigm Scholars

The Tandigm Scholars Program is a nonprofit organization that awards financial assistance to deserving primary care physicians. The Program is a demonstration of Tandigm Health’s commitment to Primary Care.

Tandigm Scholars attracts the best and the brightest primary care physicians interested in transforming healthcare delivery.

Through a generous scholarship program and enrichment opportunities, the program is designed to cultivate future leaders and advocates of population health and value-based care.

Annually, the Scholars Program awards up to $60,000 to a maximum of five primary care physicians, who are part of a Tandigm Health primary care practice, to pay toward educational debt. Each Scholar is entitled to receive $20,000 per year for a three-year period, for a total of $60,000 per Scholar.

Powering Healthcare Innovation

The Tandigm Scholars Program is comprised of dynamic primary care physicians who are interested in population health and innovative care models. Scholars have the opportunity to design their own approach to improve quality, transform care delivery and share best practices across a large network of Tandigm Health’s primary care providers.
The Scholars Program also provides mentorship, education and enrichment to elevate the primary care skillset needed to successfully transform existing primary healthcare delivery models to new models founded on the principles of value-based care and population health.

An extension of Tandigm Health’s commitment to Primary Care

Tandigm Health has a mission: engage, enable and empower Primary Care Physicians and their practices to help ensure patients get the finest possible care, so they get healthy and stay healthy. 
To learn more about Tandigm Health, visit the website.

Meet the Scholars

“I cannot express enough gratitude about being named a Tandigm scholar. It shows that there are still some who are committed to Primary Care and see the value in the work that we do. I could not be more excited about the opportunities this scholarship will give me, in both a mentoring capacity, as well as finally laying my debt to rest.”Lori Truman-Kraft, MD

The 2021 Tandigm Scholars

Dr. Debra G. George-Reichley
Dr. Debra G. George-Reichley
TriValley: Indian Valley Office
Dr. Sony John
Dr. Sony John
Myers, Squire, and Limpert
Dr. Marina Shtern
Dr. Marina Shtern
Tohickon Internal Medicine
Dr. Suzann Szewczak
Dr. Suzann Szewczak
Grand View Health Primary Care: Lederach

The 2020 Tandigm Scholars

Dr. Meghan Belamorich
Dr. Meghan Belamorich
Christine Meyer, MD and Associates
Dr. Lauren Cook
Dr. Lauren Cook
Delaware Valley Medical and Wellness Center
Dr. Si Lam
Dr. Si Lam
Holland Medical Associates
Dr. Jessica Souchet
Dr. Jessica Souchet
James W. Flanagan, MD Family Practice
Dr. Diana Zackey
Dr. Diana Zackey
Ninth Street Internal Medicine

The 2019 Tandigm Scholars

Dr. Nicholas Kalman
Dr. Nicholas Kalman
Dr. David E. Lewis
Dr. David E. Lewis
Dr. Jaime Wolf
Dr. Jaime Wolf

The 2018 Tandigm Scholars

Dr. Jessica Baker
Dr. Jessica Baker
Baker Family Medical Associates
Dr. Alexandra Doroshow
Dr. Alexandra Doroshow
Tri Valley: Upper Perkiomen Office
Dr. Ellen Kim
Dr. Ellen Kim
Wrightstown Family Medicine
Dr. Jessica Schleusner
Dr. Jessica Schleusner
Gateway Family Practice Downingtown

The 2017 Tandigm Scholars

Dr. Drew Rowan
Dr. Drew Rowan
Gateway Colonial Family Practice
Dr. Brittney Scardino
Dr. Brittney Scardino
TriValley Primary Care – Upper Perkior Lansdale
Dr. Gawu Bankole
Dr. Gawu Bankole
Spring-Ford Family Practice
Dr. Valerie McAuley
Dr. Valerie McAuley
Family Practice Associates of Exton and Chester County

The 2016 Tandigm Scholars

Dr. Charles Catania
Dr. Charles Catania
Gateway Medical Associates MSL
Dr. Lauren Kummer
Dr. Lauren Kummer
Mount Airy Family Practice
Dr. Kathleen Lawlor
Dr. Kathleen Lawlor
Devon Family Practice
Dr. Lori Truman-Kraft
Dr. Lori Truman-Kraft
Hatboro Medical Associates

The 2015 Tandigm Scholars

Dr. Patti Anolik
Dr. Patti Anolik
Dr. Kathryn Bowry
Dr. Kathryn Bowry
Dr. Natalie McGann
Dr. Natalie McGann
Dr. David Verbofsky
Dr. David Verbofsky

Become a Tandigm Scholar!

If you think you have what it takes to be a Scholar, then we want to hear from you!

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates must be an active Tandigm primary care physician (PCP), or have committed to joining a Tandigm Health practice.  Click to view the Tandigm Health PCP practices.
  2. Candidates must be able to provide documentation of their existing educational debt. Preference will be shown toward those candidates with extensive educational debt and those new to or joining a Tandigm primary care practice. Candidates do not need to be new graduates.
  3. A candidate’s practice must commit to supporting a Scholar in completing the Scholar requirements throughout the Scholar’s three-year program.
  4. Applicants are required to certify the accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of their online application and supporting documentation.
  5. Candidates must complete the Scholar application process and provide all required documentation as outlined in the application.


  • Scholars must commit to a three-year program, actively participate in the mentor program and proactively engage in transforming care delivery and improving quality.
  • Scholars must agree to and continue to meet the Tandigm Scholars requirements (see FAQ) to maintain Scholar’s status. Scholars who fail to meet the ongoing requirements are at risk of losing their status as a Scholar.


What costs does the scholarship cover?

  • Tandigm will pay the scholarship award by check directly to the Scholar for purposes of repaying existing educational debt and applicable income taxes.

What about tax information?

Scholars are responsible for reporting income received from The Tandigm Scholars Program to the IRS and ensuring they pay the appropriate federal, state, and/or local taxes accordingly.

What are the Tandigm Scholars requirements?

  • Commit to a three-year program and remain a primary care physician with a practice that is active in the Tandigm Health network
  • Engage in the Mentor program and adhere to the program guidelines and other Scholars Program activities

During the duration of the three-year program, Scholars will have a designated Tandigm Scholars Mentor who will provide support for professional development, and work with the Scholar to positively impact Tandigm Health practices and programs supporting population health and value-based medicine.

Mentors will work with the Scholar to develop a plan outlining roles and responsibilities, as well as a timeline for meeting expectations.  The Scholars Program will also provide various touch points within the year for the Mentor and Scholar to ensure collaboration and support is provided to the Scholar.

  • Conduct an annual or three-year Quality Improvement project (QI)

Scholars are asked to conduct a Quality Improvement project based on the Scholar’s area of interest, which elevates the Scholar’s role within the practice and as a Tandigm Health primary care physician.  Although Scholars may conduct their projects independently, the Scholar’s Mentor is available to work with each Scholar to develop a meaningful project proposal that is grounded in population health and value-based care principles and that will benefit the Scholar’s practice.  The project must clearly define an expectation to improve quality outcomes and/or reduce unnecessary costs. Measurable goals and targets will also be outlined in the project proposal.

One project may span for 3 years, or three annual projects may be undertaken over the course of 3 years. Each project must last at least one year.

  • Submit requested documentation, attestations and provide notification if a change in practice employment and/or licensure.  The Scholars Program will provide guidance and reminders to assist Scholars in completing required paperwork
    • Scholar should sign and submit an “Attestation of Ongoing Requirements” certifying that they will meet ongoing Scholarship requirements
    • As part of the Quality Improvement project, Scholars are asked to provide a summary of the project plan at the beginning of each Scholar year and a summary of findings at the end of each year. Scholars are also asked to present their QI project at least once during the 3-year Scholar program
    • As part of the Mentor Program, Scholars and their mentor will provide a “Mentor & Scholar Partnership Record” which outlines responsibilities and timelines for meetings and expectations
    • Scholarship funds are distributed at the end of each Scholarship year. The Scholar must attest via the “Attestation of Tandigm Scholars Proper Use of Funds” that these funds (minus any estimated applicable income taxes) were applied to the repayment of existing educational debt within 60 days of being received. Tandigm Scholars reserves the right to request documented evidence of this re-payment
    • Scholars must notify the Tandigm Scholars Program of changes in personal information, including mailing address, e-mail address, and name
    • Should a Scholar have a change in employment status, the Scholar and their practice should immediately notify the Tandigm Scholars Program of the change, including withdrawal or dismissal from Tandigm practice, a leave of absence, and/or a change from full-time status
    • Scholar must maintain appropriate accreditation and/or licensure status

When is the scholarship period?

The Scholarship period is 3 years with each Scholar year starting July 1 and ending June 30.

Can I serve part-time instead of full-time?

  • The scholar agrees in submitting the application that their intent is to remain employed on a full-time basis for the full 3-year duration of the scholarship period.
  • Should extenuating circumstances prevail, the Scholar and their practice must notify the Tandigm Scholars Program of the change of employment status. The Scholars Program will review the circumstances and determine how to proceed regarding the scholarship award.

What if I do not fulfill the requirements?

Failure to complete the requirements for any reason is a breach of the terms of the scholarship. Scholars should immediately contact Tandigm if a situation arises in which they are potentially unable to fulfill this obligation. Tandigm Scholars will work with Scholars to assist them, to the extent possible, to avoid a breach and fulfill the scholarship requirements.

What happens if my employment status changes?

In submitting the application, the applicant agrees that their intent is to remain employed full-time with a Tandigm Health contracted practice. Should a change in employment status occur, the Scholar and their practice are required to immediately notify Tandigm Scholars. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed to determine if the Scholarship continues or will be terminated.

Online Application

© 2022 Tandigm Scholars

The 2022 Tandigm Scholars Application Process

Before you begin your application, please read more about the Tandigm Scholars Program eligibility and ongoing requirements, as well as other documentation you will be required to submit to complete your application.

The Scholarship

Each year, up to five Tandigm Health Primary Care Physicians will be honored as a Tandigm Scholar. Scholars will be awarded $20,000 each year over the course of three years. The total Scholarship caps at $60,000 and must be used to offset existing educational debt.

Scholars may lose their status of a Scholar should they not meet the ongoing eligibility and service requirements of the Scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates are to be new or incoming PCPs with any affiliated Tandigm Health Practice.
  2. Preference will be shown towards candidates who are newer to their respective Tandigm Health Practice. Candidates do not need to be directly graduating from a primary care residency.
  3. Candidates must be able to provide documentation of their existing educational debt. Preference will be shown toward educational debt.
  4. Candidates must provide a “Practice Verification of Support for Scholar.” This document requires the candidate’s practice to support and commit to the Scholars three-year program.
  5. Applicants are required to certify the accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of their online application and supporting documentation.
  6. Candidates must complete the Scholar application process and provide all required documentation as outlined in the application.


Scholarship Ongoing Requirements:

Scholars must continue to meet the Scholar Program service requirements to maintain their Scholar’s status. Scholars who fail to meet the ongoing requirements are at risk of losing their status as a Scholar. These ongoing requirements include the following:

  • Scholars will provide an “Annual Executive Summary” of their work related to The Tandigm Scholars Program. This is a one-page executive summary of their projects.  All Scholars will have the opportunity to present their projects annually.
  • Scholars will provide an “Annual Review and Refresh of Enhanced Role.” This document outlines the commitment of the practice and Scholar to the Program. Scholars will complete this in year 2 and 3 of the Scholar Program.
  • Scholars will provide an “Annual Attestation of Medical Educational Debt Repayment.” Scholars must attest that Scholarship proceeds (minus any estimated applicable income taxes) were applied to the repayment of existing educational debt. Supporting documentation may be required.
  • Scholars will provide a “Mentor and Mentee Partnership Record Form.” This outlines the structure and goals of the Mentor Program.
  • Scholars will notify the Tandigm Scholar Program of any changes in Scholar address, email, name, and any other relevant contact or personal information.
  • Scholars and their practices will immediately notify The Tandigm Scholars Program of changes in employment status, including withdrawal or dismissal from a Tandigm practice, a leave of absence, and/or a change from full-time status. (The Tandigm Scholars Program will review cases of extenuating circumstances surrounding a change from full-time status, where appropriate.)
  • Scholars must maintain appropriate accreditation and/or licensure status.
  • Scholars will sign and submit an annual attestation certifying they have met the Scholarship Ongoing Requirements for that annual scholarship period.

Application Details

Part 1: The Online Application

The online application can be found by visiting  Applicants must complete all portions of the application and provide a detailed essay. Sections include:

    1. Personal & Practice Information
    2. Your Education & Training
    3. Resume/CV
    4. Essay

Part 2: Request of Supporting Documentation

After submitting an online application, the applicant’s application will be reviewed for completeness. The applicant will then be contacted via email from within two business days, and asked to either review, submit, or complete the following:

  • Scholar FAQ
  • Attestation of Accuracy
  • Practice Verification of Support for Scholar
  • Proof of Existing Educational Debt related to medical training (including total amount of educational debt). Acceptable forms of documentation include (but may not be limited to) loan statements and/or bank statements (with sufficient proof related to educational debt).

Each applicant will have the opportunity to revise their application prior to the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All applicants are encouraged to apply in advance of the deadline.

Application Deadline

The application and all supporting documentation must be submitted by Thursday, March 31, 2022.

Candidate Selection Process

Candidates will be selected based on both objective and subjective evaluation criteria.  Interviews may be requested at the discretion of The Tandigm Scholars Program.

Notification of an Award

Applicants selected as Scholars will be notified of the award no later than Saturday, April 30, 2022. All awards need to be accepted by Friday, May 14, 2022.

If an award is not accepted by an applicant by the Friday, May 14, 2022 deadline, it will be revoked and withdrawn, and may be offered to an alternative applicant, who then must accept the award no later than Friday, June 11, 2021.

For Assistance

Please contact


Notice Provision

The Tandigm Scholars Program accepts primary care physicians of any race, color, religion, and national and ethnic origin to all of the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the Scholars.  The Tandigm Scholars Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies; the nomination, eligibility and selection criteria; the terms and conditions applicable to the scholarship participants; the time commitment required of the Scholars; and any other Program administered activity.